Best Ingrown Hair Prevention.

Can you imagine if hairs could talk? Like you get one hair that’s totally growing the wrong direction and all the other hairs are like dude where are you going and the hair is like its cool watch this and it starts growing INTO YOUR SKIN and the other hairs start screaming like DUDE WHAT THE HECK GET OUT OF THERE and the hair just laughs and buries its face into your skin but then it gets stuck and it’s like OH GOD HELP ME and that’s how you get an ingrown hair.......

Let’s just be real There is no way to make stupid ingrown hairs glamorous. They just are what they are. Ingrown hairs form when hair follicles curl around and grow back into your skin instead of rising through. One of the best ways to avoid these little bumps is to exfoliate regularly. I exfoliate my face with PureTropix Ingrown Hair Prevention system twice a day once in the morning and every night before bed, It comes with a exfoliation scrubber and a ingrown hair serum. But no matter how meticulous you are with your skincare routine, ingrown hairs are almost inevitable; But you can prevent them and minimize them to nearly none.

This unique, all natural solution from PureTropix, helps put an end to painful razor bumps, as well as treat acne blemishes. It also acts as a superior exfoliate for the top layer of dead skin cells, unearthing the skin-trapped facial hairs that can cause razor bumps and dissolving the pore-clogging facial oils that can cause acne or blackheads and during test has been proven to be 99% effective.

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