Once a year I like to take a break from the norm and head to Utah for a little R&R. Hot tubs in the snow, skiing, snowboarding just a place to detox and unwind.

My fortress of solitude is not somewhere deep in the artic or even the North Pole it’s a gorgeous place with breath taking views in the mountains of Utah a place called snowbird.

As you make your up a winding snow covered mountain road, you come to the most amazing ice wonderland; Think of it as a luxury spa and ski resort rolled into one. As crazy as it might sound, im not a big fan of the cold but the pure adrenaline rush of coming down the side a mountain full speed, is just to much for me to pass up. I think I problay spend 80% of my time in the heated snow covered hot tub and pool and the other 20 % on the slopes

There is nothing like fresh powder. This year happened to be one of the coldest so there was deep fresh snow everywhere as you ride the lift up the mountain its almost nerve racking watching people of all skill levels either fly down the slopes or fall down the slopes as I sit trying to determine which one I would be and if it’s the unfortunate latter how can I do it and still look cool lol.

I love coming here. I love the adventure the peace the quite that snow makes a place that you can unwind and let the stress just come out your system. The opportunity to enjoy nature such as blue birds, porcupines or catch sight of a mountain goat jumping rock to rock all adds to a tranquil place that helps you unwind and relax it truly is an amazing place.

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