Hands Down, one of the My Favorite places to eat in the world would have to be Big Mamas in Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic!! As you walk down the pristine white sand of the "DR" north coast you are

bombarded by vendors inviting you into their little beach shanty’s all of them selling the same 20 things; Hold steady, and keep walking you will arrive to a little slice of heaven. You can’t miss it will be the one with the loud spoken lovable women who is most likely rubbing someone’s neck, as you sit under her big shade tree that overlooks the crystal blue sea.

Big Mama will come and welcome you, with a huge bear hug &kiss on the cheek. Once you sit down she goes to work!! Jokes and Good conversation while she’s rubbing your neck, once she feels you loosen up and give into her charms. "SNAP CRACK POP" and it’s all she wrote. She quickly and skillfully cracks your neck. Me personally I never crack my neck, but when she does it’s like a wave of calm and peace rolls down through your body instantly making you feel at Peace.

While all this is going on Big mama’s nieces are on it bringing you pineapples or coconuts filled with rum and juice. Just when you think it can’t get no better here comes a plate of awesomeness Fresh Red Snapper, Fried Plantains, rice, beans, salad and a half a life to squeeze on your fish. the food is sooo good that literally every day I’m there i go for lunch it’s the perfect place the perfect setting between the view, open arm welcome, message, jokes and conversation to the slamming food this place is by far one of the best spots to just hang out and be.

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