Interview With Black Beauty Radar.

What is Pure Tropix?

Pure Tropix’s is an all natural skin care line that utilizes recipes and ingredients’ from straight from the Caribbean. Our goal is to create a line of the purest natural skincare products from the finest ingredients without color additives, harmful chemicals or animal testing. The products capture the beauty, history, romance and glamour of the world’s most famous tropical cities. Traditional remedies are incorporated with modern applications to create advanced skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams and body lotions. Our research and development process involves input from botanists, scientists, dermatologists, healers and seasoned skin care professionals.

  1. Why did you create Pure Tropix?

I was in Belize sitting on my family’s farm early one morning. The sun was rising, the ocean breeze mixed with citrus and I was thinking to myself if I could bottle this up and share it I would change the world. Over that trip I talked with an aunt and she was telling me all these things to put on my face to help treat the ingrown hairs I suffered from. A problem that had troubled me ever since facial hair started growing, so we tried a few things and to my Surprise some of the methods worked! So I decided to refine and perfect to come up with a product that could not only help me but help others

  1. What type of products do you sell? What make them different from other products?

We sell all natural products that are formulated to heal and correct problems in the body’s biggest organ. Have you ever thought why it is so hard to find real natural skin care products? Part of the reason is that a lot of beauty product manufacturers utilize cheap components in order to boost their earnings. If you really want the best for your skin, first and foremost, you have to know what to avoid and what to use. Let’s face it. You should have tried lots of the so called natural face products advertised by many celebrities only to find that they never live up to expectations and here is the reason why. Ingredients commonly utilized in these so-called natural face products take account of oil, fragrances, triclosan as well as parabens. They are reasonable and so easy to source. On the other hand, it could lead to various side effects such as rashes, skin irritations and worse, skin cancer when you use it on a daily basis. Have a look at the back of the label of your current products and you will see the reason why this is happening to your skin. Even most organic, natural face creams and facial wash have parabens like propyl, methyl, ethyl as well as butyl in order to preserve them. However, what you don’t know is that these substances could interfere with many of your body functions and cause allergic reactions.

  1. Why did you choose to sell environmentally friendly products?

I love nature! I love the rainforest and plants in general. My friends laugh when they come to my house because it looks like a green house (smile). It is very important to me to preserve the world we live in if we contaminate nature we are not only destroying the beauty around us but also contaminating what we put in us.

  1. Are your products designed for men or women?

When I first designed our products I was making with men in mind I wanted to help other men who suffered from ingrown hairs like me! But I quickly came to the realization that not only men suffer from these problems that women do to. if there was a way to help treat these issues and restore a person’s confidence then I should take the time to help as many people as possible; We began product testing on women to make sure it wouldn’t cause no irritation and it worked beautifully.

  1. What are the benefits of your products to the skin?

Tropical skin care products have natural extract, essential nutrients as well as powerful antioxidants in order to keep the skin healthy and youthful. Through increasing the natural antioxidant and collagen levels, they could fade wrinkles and fine lines and other signs of aging in just a matter of weeks of using it. Deep down natural moisturizing can just happen if you utilize natural components which work with your body and not against it and without the need of dangerous chemicals. Even if these tropical remedies cost a bit more, the benefits to your health and skin are plentiful. When you begin using tropical remedies, you will see a totally new skin care experience which takes years off your look while keeping the skin in the best condition.

  1. What is your favorite product?

It would be a close race between the “Purifying honey cleanser” and the “ingrown hair prevention”. I use both of those products every day.

  1. What is your most successful product?

That would be the ingrown hair. You wouldn’t believe some of the testimonials we get from it! It’s truly amazing how many people it has helped.

  1. What are the three steps to have a beautiful skin?

  • 1 Water

  • 2 Vitamins

  • 3 Ban the Chemicals

  1. What is your advice to get rid of stretch marks?

For you to end up with the best natural cream for stretch marks, you have to know the components which are proven to lessen them. Products rich in natural vitamin E are highly recommended and things which will stimulate the development of elastin and collagen in your skin.

  • Water: Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is very good for the skin. Restoring the elasticity hydration helps to keep the skin supple and soft. This will contribute to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Vitamin C: While water keeps the skin hydrated, right foods will help nourish the skin. Foods like berries, raw cabbage, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, melons, peas, peppers, broccoli, pineapple, spinach, tomatoes and turnips etc., offers you the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps our bodies to fight the toxins or free radicals. With adequate Vitamin C intake, the skin scars heal faster.

  • Pure Tropix Scar and blemish cream.: Our Pure Tropix Scar & Blemish Cream is an extremely effective and safe way to prevent and diminish stretch marks. Our balm is made with Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Aloe butter, and Ostrich oil that will condition, soothe and maintain the skin’s elasticity.

  1. What to do to avoid ingrown hairs?

  • Too many passes with the blade. One pass, going 1-2 inches downward at a time will eliminate ingrown.

  • Pressing too hard on the skin with the blade. A gliding, light touch is all you need.

  • Using a used blade (this one is obvious, of course)

  • Not enough exfoliation to remove excess layers of skin. Use our Ingrown Hair Prevention system as directed.

  • Shaving against the grain. Shave in the direction of hair growth (usually down, but perform a face map to be sure)

  1. What does it mean for you being a BlackBeautyRadar?

It means being proud of who we are and using our heritage and roots to guide us to our future.

  1. Where can one purchase your products?

  1. What are your goals for Pure Tropix?

This year our goals are to continue to build our brand awareness, we have gotten our products into a few spas but we are focused on perfecting our recipes and providing the best overall experience to all our loyal customers (family).

  1. Do you have any advice for our readers?

We have damaged our skin for years and on a daily basis there is no overnight miracle to build strong healthy skin it healthy living and using quality skin products that truly care for your skin.

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