review by Sophie says!!

Recently, I tried out a face product duo so incredible that I have to share! I haven't found anything in a long time that left my face feeling so toxin free and ready for anything. Pure Tropix is a skincare company with an amazing story:

"Our mission is twofold; first, to create a line of the purest natural skincare products from the finest ingredients without color additives, harmful chemicals, or animal testing; second, to capture the beauty, history, romance, and glamour of the world's most tropical cities and to honor traditional remedies and incorporate them in modern applications in the forms of advanced skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams, and lotions."

The best thing about this product line: everything is so affordable!! The two products I tried out were the Purifying Honey Oil Cleanser and the Jungle Clay Mask. When washing my face with the Honey Oil Cleanser, my first impression was the smell. This product smells completely organic as if you could break it down into simple household kitchen ingredients...which turns out to be the case! These products are entirely made from natural substances that enhance your skin.

While wearing the Jungle Clay Mask, you can really feel the mask absorbing all of the oil from your face, its amazing. When you rinse it off with cool water, you face feels completely bare. Then, a quicker, lighter face wash with the Honey Oil Cleanser locks in just the right amount of moisture. I love these products and I would recommend them to anyone because depending on the amount of product you use, you can control how moisturized or oil-free you leave your face!

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