The Road less Traveled.

1. Enjoy Nature Having time to get back in touch with Nature does more good for the soul then you can imagine. There’s nothing like lying in a hammock and listening to the sounds of the waves and wind or picking food fresh from the tree. The truth is getting off the beaten path is a way to get in touch with nature. You may find yourself in a natural hot spring in Hawaii or a tea field in the rice fields of Costa Rica. Wherever you go, be sure to take a deep breath, drink it in and lean back into the warm green embrace.

2. Breathe Fresh Air the air can get real real thick in the city. As city people, we probably don’t notice as much as we should. All the cars and public transport that we love fills the air with some pretty nasty things. Getting out of the city is a great way to get some fresh air. You will start breathing easier as soon as the big buildings start to recede into beautiful green. All that plant life acts as a super-filter for the air.

3. Notice the Little Things With less transportation and fewer things to do, hitting up a little town begs us to slow down and notice the little things. Take a walk, ride a bike, sip coffee maybe read a book, take a deep breath and explore.

4. Eat Fresh Food I’ve been to some beautiful markets in the city limits. Many people from far and come into town to sell their wares; however, a lot of the good stuff gets left behind, literally in the fields and on the trees. I have memories of eating wild pineapples and mangos right from the trees in the outskirts of Dangriga, pulling star fruit off branches in the jungle in Guyana and having my choice of guava fruits at the end of a mountain road in Costa Rica.

5. Meet Curious People traveling has its ups and downs, especially when you get off the beaten path. While more of us are rocking our passports, It is often an opportunity for them to ask a lot of questions and show off their town to someone who looks different from them. I’ve been introduced to princesses, mamas and even pigs. I’ve met outspoken artists, 90 years old weavers and local shop owners who had the inside scoop on where to get the best food. Each of these moments have made my travel experience so much better.

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