Skin Care Began With Eye toward Environment!

Beauty is more than just skin deep; an average person lathers, slathers, sprays and rubs around ten different types of skincare products on their body every day and since our skin is more like a sponge than barrier , it tends t absorbs around hundreds of chemicals a person regularly exposes it to. Most of the cosmetic companies and the FDA strive to make sure that the products used are environmentally friendly and safe. But considering the amount of makeup a woman puts on every day, you will then understand how just a little bit of dab begins to add up. The truth is, no one exactly knows hoe the chemicals start affecting their skin overtime.

How to go green with your skincare products?

  • Simplify

Don’t get swayed away by the advertisements; lotions, creams and potions at the cosmetic store as they only ten to make fake promises. One basic advice is to keep it simple! All you will need is just a basic toner, cleanser and a sunscreen to keep your skin in good condition. Everything else will only serve as a dressing.

  • Choose products made up of natural ingredients

Toxic synthetic chemicals used in skincare products is the biggest issue in the cosmetic industry so keep a good check when it comes to choosing skincare products. Use of harmful chemicals in skincare products is not only harmful to your sensitive skin but also to the environment, thus, make sure that the products you choose is organic or made up of natural ingredients.

  • Say no to fragrance!

Artificial fragrances contained in skincare products, contain phthalates that can trigger certain allergic reactions and many other health problems. Be careful of the hidden danger of perfume or fragrance listed on the skin care products and make sure you always choose the environmentally friendly fragrance free skincare products.

  • Sidestep the products containing petrochemicals!

Petrochemicals are used to make certain face creams, which is a type of environmentally unfriendly and non-renewable resource that can harm your skin n the long run. Identify the labels on the products as mineral oil, paraffin and petrolatum and do not in any case buy such products for your skincare.

  • Choosing Organic makeup and grooming skincare products

Organic ingredients used in beauty products are healthier for our planet and for our skin too. To know if a product is made up of organic ingredients; look for a Demeter U.S.A stamp on the label.

  • Make your very own green skin care products!

The best way to know what goes into your skincare products is to make your own! Not only will this save you money but will also give you the satisfaction that no toxic chemicals or preservative are used in the product ensuring that your skin and environment stays healthy. You can check out for many DIY skin care products available on the internet.

It is important that you buy products that are safe to use so that your skin becomes beautiful inside and out. You can now buy organic makeup and beauty products made up of natural ingredients at or email at for more information on environmentally friendly skincare products.

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