Products with a heart for the environment

Looking for 100% organic and environmental friendly skin care products that are light on the pocket and great for the skin? You have landed at the correct page.

PureTropix is up with an earth friendly skin care regime that will take care of your skin and give it a healthy glow that everyone envies. PureTropix is dedicated to promoting natural manufacturing and protecting consumer health and ensuring environmental safety. They uphold the strictest standard of providing organic personal care products. The products aim to give individuals a chance to live healthier lifestyles. Since what we put on our bodies have almost the same impact on our health as the activities we engage in or the food we eat. People now have the choice to make the switch to 100% free from unnatural ingredients and use only the good.

The ingredients used are 100% biodegradable with no health to the environment or human health. They come from renewable resources with 0% petroleum compound and all the products are developed in a way that they do not harm the animals in testing. The responsibility of being nature’s steward is taken pretty seriously. All of the raw material is thoroughly researched to make sure that it’s naturally derived and not processed using environmentally toxic procedures and doesn’t become toxic when released in the environment after you wash of the product or discard it.

Advertisements such as those by pore cleansing scrubbers promise us fresh, clean and no more black head type of skin and we stock up on such beauty products that will apparently help us scrub to get perfect skin. What people are unaware of is that these popular products contain micro-beads which are also known as tiny balls of plastic. In fact, an average consumer is likely to be a daily user of micro-bead containing product. It turns out that these products apart from making us feel clean and fresh posses a considerable amount of damage to our environment and could potentially hurt our health.

Micro beads which are smaller than a millimeter tend not to be filtered in sewage treatments and they directly get released in the water ways leading to plastic pollution, and we all know what plastic pollution in doing to the environment. So the best you could do is to avoid purchasing such products which do more harm than good. Environmentally friendly products are all natural, which means that the ingredients used are not unnaturally or chemically made and are free from fertilizers or pesticides, but instead plant and flower extracts are used, which keep skin healthy and have a positive impact on the environment.

So people make the right choice for yourself and your planet and switch to organic products with a kind heart for the environment.

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