Natural, Cruelty Free Cosmetic Line Reasonably Priced

You don’t have to hock one kidney to pamper your skin with the most natural of cosmetic and skincare regime. You can find a host of cruelty free and affordable skincare products at!shop/c11xx. Our affordable line of environmental friendly products are free from phthalates, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, petroleum, parabens and sodium sulphate which apart from being damaging to your skin are also deadly for our environment. PureTropix is committed to providing top quality, natural skin care and makeup regimes which are never tested on animals, and won’t put a dent on your wallets. The products do not clog pores, have high SPF and help to calm and soothe irritated skin, and clean moisturize and tone skin for soft, smooth and healthy skin.

The affordable cruelty free skin care range contains essential oils and therapeutic herbs that are known for their anti-ageing solutions, and combat dry skin, sunspots, scarring and eczema, and give you a radiant, beautiful and glowing skin.



Organic cosmetics are gentle on our skin. Why on earth would one want harsh chemicals for skin that are not only dangerous to the skin but also to mother Earth? The temporary benefit provided by chemical based products comes as a cost which is your future beauty. Do you want your skin to age prematurely? Do you want your skin to look dull, tired and dried up? Do you want to increase your risk of suffering from a severe disease? There is nothing beautiful about that. The cruelty free range is not only affordable, but also provides lifetime protection for your skin. Makeup and skin care products with natural ingredients provide protection from the sun. The skin on our face is actually thinner and more susceptible to UV related aging. Therefore, choosing a natural, environmentally friendly, and mineral rich skin care product may help support a youthful and healthy looking skin. Many herbal extracts also provide Vitamin C which provides sun shielding and antioxidant protections


Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and because it actually absorbs whatever you put on it, harmful chemicals from conventional synthetic products can be absorbed into the blood stream and other major organs. Choosing natural and organic products provides you with ingredients that are more compatible and safer for our body and skin. That is the prime reason we should research the ingredients of products we use. The biggest pro of using organic products is that you get beautiful and protect your organs and health at a reasonable price. What else could one ask for?


Protecting the environment starts with choosing ecofriendly ingredients and extraction of those ingredients from the nature. By promoting and using cruelty free products we are actually caring for our environment and choosing a healthier future for our planet, the water, land and air. The products are also vegan free and discarding them doesn’t harm the environment in any way.

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