3 Ways On How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Are you thinking why you are having razor bumps? Are you searching for natural yet effective ways to get rid of them? You are in the right place. This article will give you 3 simple ways that you can follow, so you can completely get rid of razor bumps.

Hair bumps, ingrown hair or razor bumps are inflammations caused by the growing back of the curved and sharp hair in your body or the hair follicle that surrounds them. Scientifically known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, they are reddish, tender bumps that could really be unsightly on the affected part. Now, when these hair bumps are already annoying you and you want to remove them as soon as possible, the tips below will help you.

Replace your Facial Wash

Replacing your current facial wash with facial scrubs is one effective way of getting rid of razor bumps. The women’s skin might be sensitive to facial scrub, but with gentle and right use of these, facial scrubs might help eliminate hair bumps. Not just can they eliminate hair bumps, but they can also make the skin feel rejuvenated because they exfoliate the skin and open the blocked pores. It helps remove dead skin cells and dead skin layers that could cause dry skin.

Clean and Wash the Razor Prior to Using

When you have razor when shaving, wash and clean it prior to using. You also have to ensure that you wash your arms, legs and face prior to shaving. Never conceal your hair bumps with foundations and make ups. They may irritate the skin and make your condition worse.

Avoid Using Lotions and Perfumes on the Affected Parts

You also need to refrain from using perfumes and lotions on the affected parts. They might contain strong and synthetic substance that might not be good for your skin. It can cause allergic reactions as well as skin irritations and itchiness, so if you want to get rid of them, limit yourself from using these types of products.

If you think you have a serious condition for razor bumps, you may want to visit and look for dermatologist help. He or she may give you treatment for your ingrown hair issues. There are antibiotics available that help fight razor bump issues. You can try these products, but make sure to get the appropriate dosage. They can be extremely effective and safe to use as they only contain natural and organic products such as aloe Vera and natural oils. They can also help you decrease the scars and marks that are caused by the development of ingrown hair on your skin.

These are only some of the natural, simple yet effective steps that you can try to get rid of hair bumps. After effectively following them, without a doubt, you will feel more beautiful. If you find that some of these suggestions don’t work, if the razor bumps continue to develop, the best thing to do is to consult an expert.

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