Beauty Basic / Skin Care: Evening Routine

We all aware of the fact that a regular skin care routine is essential, but the evening skin care regime seems to be the most important. It is the time when we come back home from work and usually in a relaxing mood. We can initiate certain skin care regime methods to help our skin cells prepare to repair and revive.

Use a skin friendly cleanser

The very first thing that you must practice is to wash your face with a cleanser that suits your skin. It is essential to eliminate the dirt and grime that your skin accumulates all through the day. Removing the makeup is also essential, which is catered with the wash. Don’t let your skin get clogged and thereby result in acne and rashes. Let your skin breathe.

Removing the eye makeup is vital

It is always better to use an eye make remover apart from a facial cleanser to wash away your makeup. Often the eyeliner, mascaras and eye shadows fail to wash away with a face wash. When there are traces of eye makeup left and you sleep with it, there is every chance of infection and skin irritation. Thus, removing the complete eye makeup is necessary.

Use a skin toner

Toner is an excellent evening skin care product that has multiple benefits apart from acting a cleanser. Applying toner can tighten the open skin pores, balance the pH balance of your skin, refresh and moisturize the skin and also guard your skin against the presence of chlorine and minerals of the tap water.

Applying serum can be beneficial as well

You can also apply serum in the evening time as it acts as an effective moisturizing, brightening and anti aging agent. Serum is a gel based formula which gets penetrated into the skin deep, especially when your skin is moist. Hence, apply it after washing your face.

Moisturizing is important

Despite the type of skin you possess, moisturizing will no doubt benefit you. You have to understand that proper moisturizing or hydrating the skin helps in the repairing and reviving of the skin cells. When you have an oily skin, go for oil free moisturizers.

Applying an eye cream

The skin surrounding your eyes is the most sensitive part of your entire face. Often you are vulnerable to dark circles, puffiness, baggy eyelids and wrinkle lines. If you want to get rid of such troubles, applying a separate eye cream is essential. It will bring a difference in your appearance all together.

Treating acne breakouts

If your skin experiences frequent acne breakouts, you will definitely want to include an acne care routine. Evening is the best time to treat the acne, after you come back home after a hard day. Apply acne treatment products right after you wash your face, before applying any serum or moisturizer. Acne treatment is the most effective on bare skin.

Taking care of lips cannot be ignored

Your lips are another section of your face that demands for the extra care and attention. Lips are made of a thin skin and is vulnerable to becoming rough and dehydrated. Exfoliating the lips once a week is essential to clear away the dead cells. Don’t forget to moisturize them with lip balms and keep them soft and supple.

A proper body moisturizing is necessary

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget giving your entire body some additional moisture. Apply a body lotion on your hands, palms, feet and every possible area so that your body remains soft without any roughness. This is more important during the winter season.

Practice the simple yet effective evening skin care routine on a daily basis and enjoy a smooth and glowing skin.

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