Healthy Skin: How to Get Flawless Skin

Healthy skin is one that is appealing to the eye because it is well nourished and well hydrated, looks radiant and glows. It gives us a sense of self-acceptance; it doesn’t suffer dryness and not ageing. It helps to detect external aggression to protect the body. A healthy skin contributes to keeping harmful microbes at bay and prevents infections.

However healthy our skin may be, we still like to have it flawless. No one likes a skin that looks like the sandpaper or scaly like the fish. Whatever is our skin type, we want a skin that is soft, smooth and good looking at all times.

Many have suffered greatly for want of flawless skin. They have a habit of trying any product to make their skin flawless, but in the end, it is a disaster. But for flawless skin, they soon recover from the last disaster and try another one said to work wonders. Hey, darling, thank god you are reading this; it’s your lucky day!

This article is not about selling you a product; it is a discussion about how to get flawless skin the natural way. Yes, you heard correctly; we will be discussing the natural way to get that flawless skin you will forever be proud of having.

The horrible thing about not having flawless skin is the feeling you get when a few friends looking in your direction get together in the sneaky gossiping way. You will think their gossip is about your skin. It happens a lot among young people and some lousy adults. But not to worry, your skin problem ends today, you mark my word.

Know your skin type

You can’t solve a problem you don’t know, and when it comes to having a flawless skin, the first thing is to know your skin type. To know if your skin is dry, oily or normal or it’s a mixture of dry and oily is easy. Wash up your face and don’t touch it for one hour. After that, check your T-zone; how did it feel? Your T-zone is located around your nose and cheek area. If you notice oil, it means you have oily skin if it's dry, it means a dry skin, and if it’s not too oily and not too dry, it means you are in-between. Your skin type will dictate the kind of solution for flawless skin.

Know what to use for your skin

Without products, our skin will survive but to get something extraordinary radiant and glowing skin, we need to use a combination of products and other ingredients to give our skin a treat for flawlessness. It doesn't matter if the materials are cheap or expensive; what is important is that they are right for your skin. The real job to do, therefore, is locating what works. Just like food is food, but good food that brings about good health needs learning to discover what works.

Set up a skin care routine

After knowing what works, you need to apply. Unless you make it a conscious effort and use it accordingly, getting a good result might be difficult. You need a routine for the morning and night as well as learn how to protect your skin from the sun during the day.

Change your lifestyle

How we live our lives have direct effects on our skin health. If you are a smoker (no offence), or you are heavy on alcohol, and keeps late night and don’t get regular recommended sleep for your age, sister, it 's hard to chase after two active rats together without losing one of them. You want to check your lifestyle and make some changes that support flawless skin.

What do you eat?

A friend once jokingly told me that if you eat lots of fruits, you would be fruitful and if it's junk foods every day, you should expect nothing but junks. Her joke was to help me take control of my life and get me to achieve what I desire most - a healthy looking skin and youthful appearance. I am glad I didn't ignore her joke and thankful I heeded her warning.

Your skin is a reflection of your living style

For more radiant and glowing skin I like for us to look at the habits that produce the flawless skin you have ever wanted. You need to note, however, that every life’s worthwhile effort is worth giving your time. Without making an effort, nothing gets done, and no result should be expected.

Learn to relax

It is true that worries do not cause acne, but it does aggravate it. When you do not learn to relax and forget about your problems for a moment, it could result in your skin; remember our skin is a reflection of what goes on inside of us.

Moisturize often

Your skin needs every moisture if can get to cope with the harshness of the environment. Get your skin hydrated always. Drink enough water for proper blood circulation and use products that fit your skin type and never compromise on skin hydration. When you use skin moisturizers, it slows down on the loss of water from the skin. Always keep watch on the weather to respond appropriately with moisturizer when you are in dry weather.

Get regular workouts

It is not when you feel overweight you need to declare emergency exercises, no! A workout should be a routine activity for the sake of your skin. Not exercising regularly, leads to an early sign of skin ageing. You should not depend on the thick foundation to keep a smooth skin, give your body the healthy tuning of exercising and see how your skin responds with brilliant radiance.

Wash your face every night

I should be easy if you have a morning and night skin routines. Regular washing rids your face of dirt and prevents clogging as regular exercises do. Going in and out every day exposes your skin to pollutants, if you failed to wash your face at night before going to bed, the night sweat and the oil would collude with the pollutant to mess up your skin big time! The result; don’t even ask because you already know from experience.

Play less with sugar

Sugar again? Yes, sugar isn’t good for healthy skin, and you don’t want too much of it if you feel you need some bites daily. Make it a habit of leaving the sugar out of your day and seeing how your skin and body shape begin to pick up. I think you can use an excellent shape to get a second proposal from your hubby, don’t you agree?

Hey, don’t be too harsh on your skin

How many new skin products have you tried in the last months? Your skin isn’t a pot you need scrubbing sponge to clean out. You need to treat your skin with all tenderness, and that means no harsh, skin destroying chemicals. Don’t exfoliate every day, maybe try doing so once weekly and avoid trying all sorts of products because a friend recommends; you don’t know what routine and lifestyle your friend observes.

Avoid smoking like it's the plague

Sorry if you smoke, but you need to stop if having a flawless skin appeals to you. I know you have heard the scary health hazard smoking poses to the smokers, but you may not know it is as well damaging to your skin. Nicotine is not a friend of your skin substructures and would leave it sagged and listless with time.

Don’t ever pick

Popping your pimples isn’t a good habit if you desire a flawless skin. But I agree this is a discipline issue. I used to catch fun doing it and walking my hand all over my delicate face hunting pimples. Well, zits can be annoying, and you want to get it out. But rather than getting it out by picking, find a better solution. With regular washing and keeping to your routine and observing the habits we have listed so far, you should overcome the zits. If, however, they appear stubborn, consult a dermatologist for a solution. Good news is there are solutions to pimples. But picking them could leave a permanent scar on your face after the zits are gone.

Go natural

Nature is friendlier when it comes to taking care of your skin than you know. The good part of natural skin product is that they do not add to your skin problems like chemicals do. Go to stores selling natural skin care products to have a chat. Many are happy to talk to you.

Talk to people who know

There is a saying that you can’t give what you don’t have and it is right about building flawless skin. Unless you approach the right person, the likelihood of been shoved with the unworkable solution is higher than you can imagine.

For guidance on what product to use for your skin type to get flawless skin, go here.

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