How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, commonly known as razor bumps, are the curly hair that grows inside your skin because of the irritation that one experiences after shaving or waxing. Although these razor bumps are not too dangerous, they certainly are not pretty. Mostly it just itches and causes discomfort but in worst cases, it can fill up with puss and cause skin discoloration.

We have compiled a list of techniques and remedies to help you get rid of razor bumps and get a clean and comfortable skin.

1. Use a Sharp Razor The first and the most important thing to do, to get rid of razor bumps, is to make sure that the blade you are using is sharp enough. I would suggest you to use a new blade every time you shave, however, if you can't do that; at least make sure you don't use it more than twice. If the razor is not sharp, enough it can cause the skin inflammation which leads to razor bumps.

2. Use Warm Water The second technique that helps you get rid of razor bumps is using either the warm water or a cloth moistened with hot water on the area before shaving. Hot water softens the skin as well as hair which prevent razor bumps.

3. Use Ingrown Hair Prevention Products Companies like pure tropix have designed a natural and organic product that helps you get rid of razor bumps. Pure Tropix’s Ingrown hair prevention contains natural, efficient and soothing ingredients that put an end to painful razor bumps.

4. Avoid Scratching the Skin Skin irritation is completely normal after shaving, but please avoid scratching it. Scratching the surface can point hair towards skin which leads to razor bumps. Moreover, scratching can slow down the healing process and cause the redness on the skin.


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