Morning Skin Routine

Our skin is the window into our souls. It is the antenna that connects us in social, business and family lives. You can consider your skin as the number one resource for healthy living. And if your skin isn’t your business, then I wonder what more business you have got than having a beautiful, radiant looking, glowing skin.

We all love beautiful things. The truth is the majority of us like other people to admire us; but how would anyone cherish you when you look like you are celebrating Halloween every time of your day? I don’t mean to be offensive and please don’t take it personally.

I met a friend recently, and she looked like someone who had been abandoned in the desert for a long time. I asked why she looked that way; she said it’s her job, and she didn’t think it’s necessary to spend time looking after her skin because of the nature of her work. I won’t say what kind of job because I know many people who do the same job but are looking great.

Common, I told her, you have been unfair to your skin and yourself. I asked how she was able to cope with life. When you look at yourself in the mirror each morning, what do you see? She complained about people not liking her, and even her family wouldn’t visit. She’s alone and not happy with her life.

Well, long story cut short, I encouraged her to take good care of her skin and everything would change for the better. Emily thanked me, and we bade goodbye and went about our businesses.

I didn’t become skin care evangelist by choice; I learned by force! Hmm, I didn’t realize how important my skin was until I had an encounter just like the one recounted above a few years back. But mine was nastier; I went to see a long time friend in Virginia in the summer and on entering the house, it was her dog first.

At the time, I didn’t care about my skin and had a few spots all over. Angie saw me and started barking like crazy. Well, I am not the type to be afraid of dogs because I have them too. As I walked inside, Laurie welcomed me and introduced her daughter, Stephanie; but she won’t hi, me.

Later, Laurie and I got chatting, and she asked why my skin was looking so uninviting? Although, I didn’t see anything wrong, but she pointed it out I have been careless about how I look. She said Angie is a loving and friendly pet, to have barked at me showed something it not right; maybe I looked scary to her. And for her daughter to have snubbed me, then my fate is sealed! From that day, I decided to take good care of my skin. More than anything else, I want to look good, and it starts in the morning with a good morning skin routine.

What is a good morning skin routine?

Morning skin routine is the care you give to your skin at waking time. In the morning before starting your day, the series of activities you undertake to make your skin healthy and good looking are your morning skin routine.

You eat breakfast to prepare well for the day. The same way you need to design a morning skin routine to make your skin alive all day long. For you to keep your skin radiant and glowing, the most important skin care activity you can observe is the morning and night routine.

Look, it’s not about the makeup before going out for the day’s activities. The import of morning skin routine is more of maintaining a regime of cleanliness on your skin to prevent blocking the pores that will result in skin problems.

Benefits of creating and observing morning skin routine

As the largest organ of the body and the protecting shield over your body, keeping it healthy all the time brings lots of benefits for your overall wellness. The following advantages await those who follow diligently to a good morning skin routine:

  • Looking young. Skin routine frees your skin of radicals. These are unpaired electrons capable of wreaking havoc on your skin tissue. They can harm your skin membranes and cause the skin to look aged even in a young person. But skin routine helps to get rid of them and make you look young all the time.

  • Prevent dry skin. Skin routine is not about the use of chemicals to deal with your skin. It is about putting in place robust method of achieving quality skin health. It takes away the use of chemical and replaces it with natural skin care routine that restores quality skin health, making it look radiant and glowing.

  • Hydration. Skin routine helps to hydrate your skin, giving it the contact flow of nutrient needed to stay healthy. It promotes good blood circulation and healthy perspiration to cleanse the skin pores and allow the skin and hair live optimally.

  • Prevent oil build-up. Excessive oil builds up on the skin can cause many skin health issues. But skin routine helps to free the skin of unhealthy oil build up on the skin.

  • Social acceptability. Socially, a good, radiant skin is a signal that you are living well. It makes people want to associate with you. In business and at work, you are accepted by all and bring happiness in your way every day.

What does morning routine entail?

When I first heard about creating a morning skin routine, I thought it is about using makeup and the morning ritual of sitting in front of the mirror to apply makeup and going out under the influence of heavy chemical decoration; but I was wrong!

You may have read a lot of stories about ideal morning skin routine, some talks about ten steps and so on, but I can see a clear, three phases. However, there are embedded activities within each step.

Here is the 3 steps morning skin routine to create:

Step 1: Skin cleansing

Step 2: Skin Health products

Step 3: Skin Improvement nutrients

Let me briefly explain each of the steps in more details

Step 1: Skin cleaning

The usual thing most people do is use skin cleanser to remove skin blockages and move to use makeup. But for a healthy skin routine, it is more than that. Here is the morning plan:

  • Energize yourself for the day with a little workout to set the right mood. Before going to bed last night, you removed your makeup, right? On waking, and ready for the day, how about a little exercise to get your blood up and to circulate. You don't need a rigorous workout; find one that is suitable for your lifestyle. It will make you sweat and send water out of the skin pores.

  • Take a warm shower. After the workout, you need a warm shower to wash off the dirt from your skin. Take special care to exfoliate your face with natural products for optimum results.

  • Go for the cleanser. A good cleanser will remove dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin and give your skin the depth of cleanliness it requires for good health. It will increase blood circulation in your skin, including the face and makes your skin for glowing and looking younger. Remember to get the right skin cleanser, especially one that is adjudged to promote natural skin health.

  • Tone to accentuate your complexion. You need your skin pH level balanced always, and a good skin tone is best for that. Don’t keep toner for the night alone, do it in the morning as well. But note to get a toner that is not alcohol based. After the toner, don’t dry it up before going for moisturizer.

  • Moisturize for proper skin hydration. Picking your skin suitable and non-chemical based moisturizer will work best for a smooth and soft skin. When choosing your moisturizer, inquire if it protects against sunburn. Your face is very great darling, so don’t accept just anything for it, go for the best. After all these, now it’s time for the makeup.

The above step is most crucial. A blocked pore can be detrimental to healthy skin, and it is responsible for many skin heath issues including ingrown hair. For natural products for your skin cleansing, check here.

Step 2: Skin Health products

Now to your makeup products; anti-aging products is best for your layer application to lift, firm and energize your skin. The moisturizer will find a better skin setting to do its work fine. But while choosing your makeup, avoid anything that will clog your skin pores. Get only products that will maintain your skin moisture but now make it oily. Get a foundation that would even out your skin tone and protect your skin. For natural oily skin, use a powder foundation instead of liquid for a matte finish, beautiful skin. But select a hydrating foundation for dry skin.

When choosing your product, please and please, go for natural products because they are the best for your skin. It is not magical, but be rest assured what you get in the end will last. For your natural products, how about checking it here?

Step 3: Skin Improvement nutrients

Your stomach is the gateway to good life, but it shows first on your skin. That is why people with good, radiant skin are thought to be having a good life. Perhaps, you will notice that very soon. So, as part of your morning skin routine, the food you eat is important. There are supplements, and as you know, you can decide to plan your food to provide the same nutrient expected from supplements.

Go for skin enhancing foods and supplements to compliment your efforts in steps 1 & 2 above. Important ingredients to look for are astaxanthin and lutein; they are antioxidants; they hydrate and protect your skin against free radicals. You also need vitamins B; also get foods containing biotin and calcium for healthy skin, hair and nails and strengthened facial bones. It helps to prevent shrinking facial bones to prevent ageing. You don’t want to look 70 when you are in your 30s.

prevent ageing. You don’t want to look 70 when you are in your 30s.

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